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Colorado Coherence Collective

Neurodiversity-affirming and trauma-assumed
Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting services

for individuals, families, groups, and organizations.

"We are coming to understand health not as the absence of disease, but rather as the process by which individuals maintain their Sense of Coherence (i.e. sense that life is comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful) and ability to function in the face of changes in themselves and their relationships with their environment." 
- Aaron Antonovsky
Colorado Coherence Collective


Somatic, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral
reactions and responses
to stressors are coherent,
meaningful, and allow for
a values-aligned lifestyle.


Interpersonal relationships and demands of the social context allow for accessibility,
inclusion, attunement,
authentic social connection,
and a sense of belonging.


All parts of a system collaborate and intervene holistically to effectively mediate scarcity and unpredictability, including personal, professional, and societal support systems.

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