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Laurie Finnegan, LCSW &  Ean Sablich, MA Ed

Short-term consulting support to individuals, families, and groups to gain a deeper understanding of the the newest findings in relational neuroscience research and how they relate to human behavior, and to integrate neurodiversity-affirming and trauma-assumed interventions designed to maximize a sense of connection into their systems, structures, rituals, and routines within their families, schools, and organizations.

Schools & Organizations

We strive to provide highly individualized services, including an assessment of needs if desired, to create a sustainable plan for improvement. We are eager to collaborate with whole staff teams, including administration, classroom teachers, special service providers, and support staff, as well as students, families, and parent teacher organizations. We hope to minimize undesirable intra/interpersonal effects of ableism and compliance-based practices by integrating evidence-based behavioral strategies to maximize safety, connection, and community within your learning environments. We rely on the best practices and latest research findings in areas of Relational Neuroscience, Attachment theory, Disability Justice,  Transformative Justice, and others. Contact us to collaborate, schedule an initial consultation below. 

We provide teaching and training services to schools and organizations seeking to integrate inclusive and neurodiversity-affirming practices into their disciplinary, instructional, professional development, and other organizational systems.

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