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Our Values

Cultivating Coherence

We support clients to enhance their Sense of Coherence, or belief that their stress is manageable, problems and solutions are comprehensible, and their life is meaningful (Antonovsky, 1987).

Collectivism & Community

We believe in the transformational healing power of community and lived experience, utilize a non-hierarchical organizational model, and value the importance of collaborative decision-making to create meaningful change in our communities.

Neurodiversity-Affirming Care

We integrate the Disability Justice Model and Liberation Health Model into our work to support clients as they unlearn disempowering beliefs, such as internalized ableism, and adopt new paradigms that allow them to exist as authentically as possible.

Trauma-Assumed Care

We operate under the assumption that, in a world that is inherently full of scarcity and harm, most humans have developed toxic stress that manifests as uniquely subjective trauma responses, conscious or unconscious.

Salutogenic Orientations

We appreciate the Salutogenic Health Model's emphasis on the importance of lifestyle change, or active adaptation, to promote effective stress management, health ease, and mental wellness.

Behavioral Approaches

We value the bidirectional nature of the relationship between brain and body, and utilize somatic, cognitive, and behavioral approaches to reorganize and build neural pathways that maximize harmony between the brain and body.

Relational Neuroscience

We trust in the brain's ability to reorganize and grow through repeated experience, and utilize action-based strategies rooted in relational neuroscience to foster new connections that foster a sense of embodied safety.

Intergenerational Care

We understand that trauma can be inherited from our ancestors, and value the importance of identifying and unlearning patterns of thinking and behaving that may be more harmful than helpful. We also believe in collaborative care among family members or supporting individuals.

Collective Liberation

We value collective liberation and anti-oppressive practices, and believe that many of the public systems and structures we interact with daily are archaic, harmful, and in dire need of reconstruction in order to foster safety, abundance, and wellness within ourselves and our communities.  We advocate for meaningful inclusion of all forms of diversity.

About Us

Laurie Finnegan, LCSW

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Colorado
    - CSW.09928873


  • Licensed Special Service Provider:
    School Social Worker, Colorado


  • Master of Social Work
    (Loyola University Chicago, 2015)
    - Leadership and Development in Social Services
    - Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy


  • Bachelor of Social Work
    (Loyola University Chicago, 2014)


  • Level 2 Practitioner, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT)​​


Ean Sablich, MA Ed.

  • Licensed Teacher, Colorado 
    - English Language Arts (7-12)
    - Special Education  (ages 5-21) 

    - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Ed. (K-12) 

  • Master of Arts in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity (University of Colorado Boulder, 2020)

  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Loyola University Chicago, 2016)

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature (Loyola University Chicago, 2016)

  • Level 1 RO Skills Instructor, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT)​​


About Laurie

Keith Haring.jpg

Laurie is a neurodivergent individual. During different seasons of her life, her Stress Response System patterns have manifested as both Undercontrolled and Overcontrolled, leading to a variety of DSM-V diagnoses throughout the years that fall under the neurodiversity umbrella. Laurie has personal experience managing symptoms of both OC and UC coping styles, unlearning ableism, and learning how to accommodate her authentic
self with nonjudgemental compassion.

Nasty Yet (photo by Woman Sees World)_ed

Laurie is a survivor of sexual and dating violence currently in the Post-Traumatic Growth phase of her healing journey. While everyone’s trauma journey is different, Laurie shares lived-experience with many of her clients, including management of ongoing harm perpetuated by non-trauma-informed and oppressive societal systems, and experimentation with a variety of trauma treatments. Laurie relies on her lived experience to supports clients in managing and healing physiological trauma responses. 

l ski_edited.png
Dynamically Disabled

Laurie is a dynamically disabled individual, meaning her disabilities and chronic illnesses do not manifest in the same way, or with the same level of functional ability, on every day of her life. Laurie’s physical, cognitive, and emotional  capacity to attend to task-based demands fluctuates from day to day, which comes with its own set of unique challenges. When it comes to living in modern society as a chronically ill spoonie, Laurie has lived experience.

Laurie Colorful.jpg
POTSie & Lymie

Laurie lives with Dysautonomia, or a disorder of the Autonomic Nervous System that impacts her bodymind’s ability to regulate itself in various ways. For Laurie, this experience stems from a medical history with Tick Borne Diseases like Lyme Disease. When it comes to using movement-based somatic strategies to regulate the Autonomic Nervous System by activating the social engagement substrate and down-regulating the threat state, Laurie practices what she preaches out of necessity.

L child elephant.jpg
Adult TCK

Laurie is an Adult Third Culture Kid who had a highly-mobile childhood, spending her  developmental period living outside of her passport culture or country-of-origin. After being born in Illinois, Laurie and her family moved to a new country every 1-5 years, traveling around the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe before moving to the United States when she was 14 years old. Laurie understands the importance of addressing unresolved grief caused by non-traditional non-ACE stressors.

Systemic Reproductive Coercion.jpeg
Abolitionist & Feminist

When it comes to wellness, Laurie is a strong advocate for holistic and non-pathologizing perspectives that account for systemic scarcity, unpredictability, harm, and violence caused by oppressive and non-inclusive societal systems. In both her personal and professional life, she has experienced and perpetuated harm, and now endeavors to create meaningful change within her community by utilizing, modeling, and advocating for anti-oppressive and collective liberation perspectives.

About Ean

Ean Hike.jpg

From his lived experience and studies, Ean views cognitive growth, learning, and skill development as a continuous and ongoing process, not an outcome. With billions of neurons in our brain and endless neural pathways ready to wire and rewire, learning occurs when new information is made relatable through meaningful interest/engagement, explicitly taught through accessible representation/input, and internalized through action/expression and repetition. Ean regularly engages in, and enjoys, formal learning/coursework, informal self-learning, and frequent reading with a curious orientation toward all subjects and genres.

Ean woods.jpeg

Ean enjoys spending time outdoors, attuning to nature, and observing the relationships between organisms and their environments. Considering our modern technologies and increasingly more socially constructed world, Ean believes in the benefits of connecting with the natural world and our material conditions, exploring our physicality and embodied existence, and regularly supplanting our consciousness to reset and relax in nature.

Ean Ski.jpeg
Lifelong Learner & Reader

Ean is an experienced classroom teacher and public education advocate. He finds joy in supporting people of all ages and needs in developing understanding, confidence, and competence. Education is an invaluable practice of freedom, and an individual and collective tool of equality and empowerment. Ean believes that all individuals and communities are deserving of inclusive and accessible educational opportunities and resources. He is particularly passionate and informed about English language acquisition, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education, and neurodiversity-affirming Special Education.

ean tinkerer 2_edited.jpg

Ean loves hands-on problem solving and Do-It-Yourself projects. With the right orientation toward learning and resources, there is an abundance of information and tutorials, and nearly anything can be created and/or fixed. Ean is often exploring, creating, crafting, building, mending, fixing, and maintaining (or making mistakes and breaking things) around his house and vehicles.

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