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with Laurie Finnegan, LCSW

Trauma-assumed and neurodiversity-affirming therapy rooted in Radical Openness, using a Solution-Focused Brief Model. Radical Openness is openness to change and a commitment to reframing unwanted or distressing bodily sensations, emotions, or thoughts as opportunities for growth and learning. 

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We follow an intergenerational care model, supplementing teen/young adult services with support for caregivers, parents, families, and other support team members. We also offer neurodiversity-affirming behavioral consultations and IEP reviews of social emotional goals and behavior intervention plans.

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We currently have 2 group offerings: 
Embodying Empowerment:
IPV Survivor Support Groups

Thursdays 12:00pm

Thursdays 6:30pm

Burnout Book Support Group for  Educators and School Staff

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About Me

I am an artist, musician, gamer, Adult Third Culture Kid, dynamically disabled, POTSie & Lymie, feminist, survivor, absurdist, dog/cat-mom, travel enthusiast, neurodivergent Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I volunteer with Intimate Partner Violence advocacy organizations and am passionate about teen dating violence prevention and neurodiversity-affirming Social Emotional Learning in schools.

I look forward to supporting individuals with whom I share lived experiences, and partner with members of communities that are likely to experience suffocated or disenfranchised grief:

  • Neurodivergent teens & adults (and caregivers)

  • Intimate partner, dating, or sexual violence survivors

  • Individuals with chronic illnesses and Tick Borne Diseases 

  • Burnt out activists seeking new coping strategies

About You

In a world inherently full of scarcity, violence, unpredictability, and a lack of meaningful inclusion, many bodyminds develop dis-stress, dys-regulation, dis-ease, and other adaptive trauma responses.

​My clients have threat-sensitive nervous systems and are seeking to reattune to the inner wisdom of their bodymind, reconnect with their authentic self, and rebuild their sense of empowerment.

​Many of my clients are burnt out, may have experienced harm in the past by traditional systems and models, and are seeking an alternative approach to healing with a therapist who views them as an equal partner by prioritizing their lived experience and self-determination. ​

Individuals & Families

About Our Work Together

My work is rooted in the following: ​

  • Neurodiversity-affirming paradigm

  • Trauma-assumed perspective

  • Relational neuroscientific strategies

  • Abolitionist non-pathologizing lens

  • Radical Openness and RO-DBT

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

  • Systems and anti-oppressive approaches

  • Liberation Health, Salutogenic Health, and Disability Justice Models

My Perspectives

I serve as a guide to my clients as we experiment with new strategies to replace disempowering Stress Response System patterns with more empowering ones. 

  • Somatic strategies to enhance interoceptive awareness

  • Movement-based strategies to activate safety in the bodymind

  • Emotional strategies to attune to the authentic self

  • Cognitive strategies to unlearn disempowering belief systems

  • Behavioral strategies to reorganize neural pathways

  • Social strategies to achieve a values-aligned life


Together, we develop Radical Openness, or openness to change and a commitment to reframing unwanted or distressing bodily sensations, emotions, or thoughts as opportunities for growth and learning.

Radical Openness

The focus of our work is on the present, rather than the past, and aims to create sustainable lifestyle change to bridge the gap between a client's current life and desired life.


We take a systems approach, focusing on the individual bodymind as well as the external social context or environment:

  • Adopt new paradigms, beliefs, and value systems

  • Learn new skills and strategies to achieve authenticity

  • Advocate for meaningful inclusion in the social context

  • Adjust routines to achieve a values-aligned lifestyle

Systems Approach

Eclectic Psychotherapy is a fancy way of saying highly individualized services that adapt to meet client needs in the moment. Eclectic therapists use a variety of techniques, methodologies, and perspectives to support their clients most effectively. In my opinion, my clients are the experts on their own lived experience, I serve as a guide. I may come to a session prepared with three different options for clients to choose from, and always ask "is there anything specific you want to spend time chatting about today?". Here are a few examples of some non-traditional interventions I provide to clients:

  • Need to body double while meal prepping? Great, we’ll have our session while you're chopping veggies. 

  • Finally feeling a burst of motivation and energy to schedule that dentist appointment? Let's do it together. 

  • Want to learn more about a specific topic or paradigm? Cool, let me share my screen and we can learn together.

  • Feeling frustrated and not sure what to talk about? Let's practice a somatic, movement-based, or self-enquiry strategies together to build your skills. 

  • Saw a video or read an article you want to process together? Sounds fun, drop the link in the chat!

  • Need some support with executive functioning or developing sustainable self-care routines? Let's schedule brief check-ins and check-outs at the start and end of the week. 

Eclectic Therapy


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Embodying Empowerment is a support group for survivors of Intimate Partner, Domestic, or Sexual Violence, individuals with threat-sensitive or hypervigilant bodyminds, seeking to increase self-awareness, heal their nervous systems, and replace disempowering value and belief systems with more empowering ones. Together, we will adopt nonjudgmentally self-compassionate and trauma-assumed perspectives as we share our stories, process our grief, and heal within a safe and supportive virtual community. Join us to reattune to your inherent bodily wisdom, rediscover your inner strength, and rebuild your sense of self-compassion and confidence in community with other survivors. 

Thursdays  12-1pm     &     Thursdays  6:30 - 7:30pm

Embodying Empowerment: IPV Survivor Support Group
Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski PhD and Amelia Nagoski DMA

Join us to read and discuss Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

  • Learn about stress response patterns and how to return your body to a state of relaxation.

  • Understand why it’s important to complete your stress cycle at the end of each day.

  • Experiment with various techniques to find what works best for you.

  • Develop and maintain sustainable self-care routines within a supportive community

  • Maximize nonjudgemental self-compassion and minimize blame and shame.

  • Improve self-advocacy skills needed to obtain support and accommodation.

Tuesdays, 6-7 pm October 8th - December 10th

Burnout Book Support Groups for School Staff


Private Pay

Our private pay rates for therapy services are listed below. 

  • Individual Intake Assessment + Plan Session (60 minutes): $150

  • Individual Therapy Session (45 minutes): $100

  • Individual Therapy Session (60 minutes): $130 

  • Family Therapy Session (45 minutes): $100

  • Support Group (60 minutes): $35 per session (and $75 for individual intake assessment)

  • Book Clubs (60 minutes): $15 per session

As part of our commitment to prioritizing accessible and affordable mental and behavioral healthcare, we provide reduced rates to all private pay clients, upon request.


Colorado Coherence Collective accepts in-network health insurance benefits from: 

  • Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid) 

  • Child Health Plan Plus CHP+ (Colorado Medicaid)

  • Anthem

  • Carelon Behavioral Health 

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • United Behavioral Health

Colorado Coherence Collective is also an approved vendor with the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). ​

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