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Achieving Authenticity: Neurodiversity-Affirming Support Group

Achieving Authenticity is a support group for neurodivergent activists and individuals with learning differences who are seeking to unlearn disempowering beliefs about themselves and the world around them, to grieve the lack of meaningful inclusion and accessibility they face every day, and to rediscover their sense of empowerment and authenticity using a non-pathologizing perspective. Join us to develop skills needed to enhance authentic social connection, learn how to attune to and regulate your nervous system without betraying your authentic self, and rebuild your sense of self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-esteem in a safe and supportive virtual community. 


This Support Group will focus on:

  • Building Radical Openness: we will develop an openness to change and a commitment to reframing unwanted or distressing bodily sensations, emotions, or thoughts as opportunities for growth and learning. 

  • Processing grief: we will gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection as it relates to grief, trauma, and loss, including suffocated and disenfranchised grief.

  • Adopting a systems perspective: we will reflect on impacts of dis-ability within all levels of the social context, including individual, familial, societal, systemic, and intergenerational.

  • Learning new paradigms: we will study and adopt new perspectives including the Disability Justice Movement, Liberation Health Model, Salutogenic vs. Pathogenic Health Model, various Models of Disability (medical, social, occupational), as well as Trauma-Assumed and Neurodiversity-Affirming Perspectives.

  • Accommodating needs: we will extend self-compassion to ourselves and engage in active lifestyle adaptation to accommodate our unique needs, wants, and preferences.

  • Implementing boundaries: we will develop and practice implementing boundaries with ourselves and others to maximize abundance and predictability in our lives.

  • Developing new skills: we will learn how to attune to the needs of our bodyminds, regulate our nervous system, assertively self-advocate for our wants and needs, and manage our ongoing stress. 

  • Building new habits: we will identify and develop healthy and effective self-care routines to maximize abundance and predictability via active lifestyle adaptation, boundaries, and self-care.

  • Offering/Receiving Mutual Support: we will heal and grow together in a safe and supportive virtual community.


RO-DBT focuses on 4 main areas of mental wellness that comprise Radical Openness:

  1. Openness: openness to new experiences, and disconfirming feedback, in order to learn and grow

  2. Flexibility: adaptability to changing environmental conditions and demands

  3. Social connectedness: access to authentic social connection and belonging

  4. Emotional awareness and expression: ability to effectively identify and authentically communicate emotions

Join us to learn and thrive together as a community by Achieving Attunement with ourselves and our families.

Learn more about Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy here:



Please note: these closed groups are census-dependent, meaning the group will start once enrollment is full. To enroll in the group, schedule a free 20 minute Initial Consultation or email Laurie at


When: Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm

Where: Google Meet videocall

  • Clients: these groups are open to residents of Colorado

  • Provider: this group is led by Laurie Finnegan, a neurodivergent Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Private pay: (Sliding Scale and Superbills available upon request)

  • Intake Assessment + Plan Session (45 minutes): $75

  • Support Groups (60 minutes): $35 per person, per group

In-network insurance: 

  • Health First Colorado and Child Health Plan Plus (Colorado Medicaid, all 7 regions)

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Beacon/Carelon Behavioral Health

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • United Behavioral Health

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