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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a future-oriented approach that seeks to bridge the gap between the client's current life and their desired life. SFBT relies on client strengths and available resources to accommodate needs within the client's social context or environment. It also involves ongoing education, adoption of new perspectives and paradigms, and experimentation with new behaviors to achieve a values-aligned lifestyle.

SFBT can he helpful for individuals who:

  • Feel stuck, burnt out, or like their stress is unmanageable.

  • May have tried other interventions without success.

  • Are ready to engage in meaningful lifestyle change.

  • Are unsure how to get started and seeking guidance.

  • Are seeking a collaborative partnership between client and clinician.

At Colorado Coherence Collective, we consider our clients to be equal-partners as the experts of their lived experience and inherent wisdom. We prioritize self-determination as we identify opportunities to engage in values-aligned behavior and self-advocacy.

What to expect from SFBT:

  • First, we assess the client's desired lifestyle change and create goals and objectives that rely on the client's strengths, capacities, and available resources and supports.

  • Then, we develop and implement a sustainable plan to achieve the desired lifestyle change.

  • Between sessions, the client experiments with various somatic, movement-based, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral interventions and observes their experiences.

  • During sessions, we consider new perspectives and apply them to our schema and lifestyle. We also assess, discuss, and make adjustments to the plan, and explore other underlying beliefs and values that may be hindering progress.

  • Treatment ends when client meets their goals and demonstrates the skills and abilities needed to continue to maintain their meaningful lifestyle change.

With diligent and repeated practice, clients will:

  • Learn new information, paradigms and perspectives.

  • Adapt lifestyle to incorporate new values-aligned habits and routines.

  • Grow and reorganize neural pathways to more empowering patterns.

  • Build self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-confidence.

  • Develop skills related to self-advocacy, authentic social signaling, self-reflection, emotion and nervous system regulation, and others.



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