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What is Unlearning?

Unlearning is the process through which we can explore and replace disempowering aspects of our schema, or our personal understanding of ourselves and the world. Our schema involves our sense of self, perceptions of people around us, understandings about the world, and expectations for the future. We develop our personal schema over the course of our lives, integrating experiences from a variety of sources: family of origin, neighborhood and community, culture and traditions, formal and informal education, personal contacts and role models, societal structures and norms, media and advertising, sociopolitical events, and many others. Organizations and groups have schemas, as well, which are upheld and perpetuated by formal policies, procedures, and expectations, as well as informal norms, values, and traditions.

Our personal and group schemas are not always aligned with our values or needs, which can lead us to engage in patterns of thought or behavior that cause discomfort within individuals, conflicts within families, and inconsistencies within organizations. Unfortunately, we often don't realize that our guiding principles are disempowering, maladaptive, unhelpful, or incoherent until we experience crisis, challenge, or conflict. However, with proactive and purposeful self-reflection, we can make space within our bodyminds and communities for new and more empowering paradigms before we reach a state of crisis, ensuring our ability to sustainably meet the unique needs of ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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